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De Wit Bas

Bas de Wit is a glutton, as far as his visual arsenal is concerned. He is also an all-rounder - a painter and sculptor who can switch from one medium to the other with the utmost ease. A nervous chaos winds its way through his work; he seems oblivious to rules of any kind. He offers a refreshing new look at the making of art. Bas de Wit's art invites us to drop everything and start afresh. He is energetically dedicated to the daily discipline of mastering and perfecting his skills. His art practice strives to achieve " the masterly, the great and the consummate " within our own human limits.

What distinguishes this artist from the rest is his tempestuous imagination and conceptual power. Furiously combining images, he takes his figurative visual universe, which is instantly recognizable, and transforms it into an idiosyncratic, totally unfamiliar decor that does not display the slightest logic, let alone allow any kind of theory to be distilled from it. The habitat of the absurd is a great place to be, as long as all restraint is cast aside. No blather about the meaning of art, and no 'text' - visual art does not speak, it shows. Life is there to be lived, not reasoned or otherwise interpreted. Painters are there to paint, artists are there to make art.

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Tekst: Alexander van Grevenstein. Foto: Sasha Bogojev