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"When scent makes seeing, when seeing makes scents"

Research intothe use of smell as a visual medium in the artistic designprocess of art works with scent.

The work of Peter de Cupere makes a statement about our experience of smell. He starts from the suppressed history of smells which, in our culture, still lead an almost ‘underground’ existence in comparison with the official, culturally celebrated sensual experiences.

By exploiting the subjective, associative impact of smells, in combination with visual images, Peter de Cupere generates a kind of meta-sensory experience that goes beyond purely seeing or smelling. He paints with scents, produces olfactory objects and sculptures, creates video and live perfumances, makes scent drawings and builds poetic smell installations.

He experiments with every possible use of smells like a contemporary alchemist. Though the whole of his work is about the perception of smells and how smell can be context and/or concept of the work.