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Dobrev Ivan

Troyan ceramics in the light of contemporary sculpture                  

Troyan ceramics is central to my sculpture. This unique art and craft lies at the heart of my work and represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration and energy in the pursuit of ideas, solutions and exploration in the area of fine art. With its rich and ancient traditions and its unsurpassed technological potential Troyan ceramics offers an ideal opportunity to approach the feelings and ideas which define and dominate my work, and to express them more fully.

The aim of this research is to uncover the interconnected ways and methods which help to restore the severed connections between Troyan ceramics as applied art and sculpture as fine art. It will aim to show that these two forms of art belong together and represent two sides of the same coin – the striving of the human spirit towards beauty and perfection.
This study will, on the one hand, endeavor to define and classify specific features of Troyan ceramics by focusing on the relevance and application of these features in the context of contemporary sculpture. On the other hand - it will aim to broaden the repertoire of techniques available to the sculptor in the process of applying and improving on traditional and established techniques and principles which are central to the aesthetics of the Troyan ceramic tradition.

In summary, on the strength of its nature as research, this project in the sphere of fine art offers a more holistic and in-depth realization of the intellectual and creative potential inherent in the exercise of creative art. The project therefore represents the focal point at which tradition, innovation and technology meet, and so outlines the basic criteria for the success or failure of my sculpture.