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Lambeens Tom

The artistic practice of Tom Lambeens concentrates on the presentation of daily phenomena. Things that are covered by the dust of everyday habituation and therefor don’t need our full attention. In addition, it is his intention to place these familiar elements in a different light. He focuses, by giving attention, primarily on concepts like gravity, space, light and materiality, particularly of liquids. This practice starts from the premises that everyday phenomena can not simply be placed in a different context, but must be rebuilt from their roots on, as affected by your subject. A crucial fact is that these things, like our experience of gravity and materiality, can not not be interpreted as static phenomena, but eminently as dynamic and subjects of change.

Being aware that a strict distinction is irrelevant, Lambeens is trying to separate his theoretical work and his artistic work. Here he posits his so called imageconcepts that are closely related to his personal work, which he applies to the works of others.