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Janssen Janneke

Janneke Johanna Janssen holds a bachelor degree in Visual Arts (Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht) and a master degree in Graphic Design (PXL-MAD) after following the International Master 'Reading Type and Typography'. Where her BA project handled the book as an interactive archive, her master project focussed on reviewing the history and future of the medium book in order to design new interpretations. It forms a platform on which participants interact and discuss social issues. The personal research resulted in a renewed, interactive and interlinked construction of the book, in which navigation is the key element.
After several years of entrepreneurship and an internship at READSEARCH, Janneke is currently extending typographic research in a PhD position. She explores reading in non-linear magazines with large-scale documentation in this era of digitization by means of texts, images, grid systems and their relations. In 2019, she received a certificate of typographic excellence of the TDC (Type Directors Club NYC) and two Indigo awards for her work.

Her main interests include macro typography, book design, archives & collections, modular systems, legibility & readability, the interrelation between image & word, narratives, digitization and new technologies in reading & (typo)graphic design.