Readsearch (research group)

READSEARCH explores the boundaries of legibility/readability for several target groups within several interacting research lines. The aim of READSEARCH is to develop practical/typographic legibility and readability studies within a new conceptual framework based on typographic design research on a micro and macro level.

Comprehensive legibility/readability research takes into account the requirements of both scientific methodology and typographical practice. READSEARCH has derived intrinsic properties of typography (on a micro and macro level) that influence legibility and/or readability. These can be described and studied in terms of form, rhythm and movement heterogeneity and can give rise to innovative ways of designing and teaching, within graphic design as well as typography and letter design.

Researchers within READSEARCH are design researchers: typographic designers who combine scientific research with design practice and who base design decisions on the results of accurate and traceable research. This means that we try to link the objectivity of scientific research with the sensitivities of design, with creativity, intuition and visual judgement. In other words: to link artistic reflectivity and scientific analytics.

READSEARCH's design research can be very valuable to society because it can guarantee practical applications, such as better reading material. Its studies not only provide interesting data but also a better scientific basis for typographic design.

Prof. Dr. Ann Bessemans
Coordinator of READSEARCH
+32 11 77 56 79