Fine Arts

Fine Arts offers a master's programme of one year (60 ECTS credits). In Fine Arts, students are encouraged to question and redefine existing solutions. Fine Arts unites a high-minded artistic practise supported by individual coaching with theoretical depth combined with a passionate orientation on the contemporary (international) world of art.

The department of Fine Arts consists of 5 major studios (Ceramics, Open Senses Lab, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture&Installations) and 1 minor studio, Glass. The broad expertise of the teachers and artists provides a stimulating context, students are trained to become authentic, quirky and inquisitive artists. Reflection and dialogue with peers, faculty teachers and guest lecturers are continuously encouraged. Presentation of the work in the form of exhibitions, both inside and outside the university college, is also an essential part of the training.

Strengths of the programme 

Our academic programme focuses on artistic practice and research on image and design combined with a personal interpretation. The interaction between theory, research and artistic practice, as implemented within Visual Arts, is quite unique and is based on the need to give a specific voice to theory and research in this artistic practice.  By means of this integration, extra dimensions are being added to artistic practice.
The programme follows a pattern of growing complexity along the consecutive objectives to ‘initiate, deepen and specialize’ students. 

We offer as well a Pre-Master of one / two year that helps you prepare for and gain entry to the Master programme. 


Teaching Staff

Coordinator/contact: Luk.Lambrecht@PXL.BE

Ceramics: Marieke Pauwels, Bruno Vermeiren, Jeannine Vrins
Open Lab: Peter De Cupere, Carina Gosselé, Frank Theys
Painting: Stef Driesen, Koen van den Broek, Patrick Van den Eynde
Printmaking: Karin Peulen, Mike Feyen
Sculpture & Installation: Caroline Coolen, Kasper De Vos
Glass (minor): Ilse Van Roy, Frederik Vergaert