Jewellery Design & Gold and Silversmithing

The field of contemporary jewellery and object-making holds a peculiar place within the world of the visual arts, crafts and design. This ambiguous position can be seen as inspiring and offers artists and designers a perfect framework for innovation and critical attitude. In this ever-changing context students are encouraged to break free from fixed ideas and existing movements, so that they can develop their personal artistic profile. We consider methodology and approach as important as style and trend.
In this master program experiment and research are central elements. Students are encouraged to shift between being in the flow of making and taking a step back to think about their work. Making, reflection and theoretical study are key elements, without losing eye for intuition, feeling and tacit knowledge.

Through presentations and discussions students practice their ability to reason and communicate about their work and its context, preparing themselves for the demands put on a professional in the field.

We offer as well a Pre-Master of one / two year that helps you prepare for and gain entry to the Master programme.

Students are supported by a team of renowned artists and academics with divergent expertise to be able to cover most areas in the field of jewellery and objects: Nedda El-Asmar, Prof. Dr. David Huycke, Audi Pauwels, dr. Karen Wuytens, Phd Student Patricia Domingues and Prof. Dr. Bert Willems. On top of this, students are being offered a wide range of (international) guest-speakers and guest-tutors (eg. Ruudt Peters, Lucie Sarneel, David Clark, Felieke Van Der Leest, ...)

For more detailed information, please download our information brochure on this page, view the virtual tour or contact David Huycke.  

Coordinator/Contact: David Huycke, David.Huycke@PXL.BE