Graphic Design

Graphic Design offers a master's programme of one year (60 ECTS credits). In graphic design, students are encouraged to question and redefine existing solutions. The combination of artistic practice, theory, and research gave birth to a new and well-founded major, which is entirely oriented towards the much evolving future: in the social and artistic sphere as well as the area of media. Students graphic design are trained to become designers of the future.


Our academic programme focuses on artistic practice and research on image and design combined with a personal interpretation. The interaction between theory, research and artistic practice, as implemented in Visual Arts, is quite unique. By means of this integration, extra dimensions are being added to artistic practice.

The objective of the master's programme in Graphic Design is to further develop and valorize the competences of students with a bachelor's degree in graphic design (graphic, illustration, interaction, advertising and image thinking). In the master thesis, the student formulates a question of formal or communicative nature, in a cultural, social or commercial context. In his master thesis, the students realise an authentic and creative project. 



Coordinator/Contact: Erica Cselotei, Erica.Cselotei@PXL.BE

Ann Bessemans*, Ilse Bollens, Kevin Bormans, Katrien Caris, Wim De Buck, Bob Dekkers, Kim Duchateau, Fanny Engin, Sofie Gielis*, Carl Haase, Pablo Hannon, Dirk Kenis*, Tom Lambeens*, Els Menten, Kris Nauwelaerts*, Wout Olaerts, Wouter Pardaens, Eli Prenten, Luc Rerren, Monique Rutten, Maria Pérez Mena*, Piet Seurs, Krista Smeets, Hilde Stevens, Carla Swerts*, Cathy Van Maele, Johan Vandebosch, Lieven Van Speybroeck*, Koen Vanstappen, Katleen Verjans and Ellen Vrijsen.

* MAD-Research