With the increase in digital technology, understanding new ways of reading is becoming very important. Moreover, the complexity and growth of information and new media is changing not only the way we read, but also how much we read. We want to investigate how advanced typography can influence and improve the reading skills and development of readers.

READSEARCH is searching for improved ways of reading on a micro and macro level; its objective is to provide new approaches to typographic navigation in non-linear and linear reading with the combined benefits of both, reading on screen and in print. It’s our aim to generate new insights by designing publications based on grid systems, word-image interaction, typefaces and their mutual interplay. By exploring the boundaries of this domain, we aim, among other things, to improve reading skills, which is an important factor in improving general literacy and knowledge of specific topics.

Prof. Dr. Ann Bessemans
Dr. Maria Pérez Mena
Janneke Janssen
Sabina Sieghart