Renckens Maarten

Maarten is doing his PhD-MAD. During his graphic design courses he discovered an excitement for typography and type design. His graduation project aimed at a more personal communication by studying and digitalizing different handwritings. The project dealt with the limits of digital font technology and in how much of a restriction these limitations impose on type design.

In the summer of 2014 Maarten was working as an intern under the supervision of dr. Ann Bessemans (founder of READSEARCH (PXL-MAD/Hasselt University)) who amplified his passion for typography, letters and legibility. Due to industriousness and achieved results, his internship was extended and resulted in a career as a PhD student. Continuing on dr. Bessemans’ work on Visual Prosody, Maarten was assigned to study prosodic type parameters for hearing impaired, in order to deliver the extra meaning of spoken sentences into reading text. Maarten is also involved in a European COST action on reading in the digital age.
His main design interests include typography, letter press, font design, legibility, reading, graphic design, book design and modular systems. He also has a strong tendency towards experimental font design trough reverse engineering technologies and searching for the limit of that technology.