Frame (research group)

FRAME cherishes the value and necessity of the fragile connection between discipline and discourse: a largely uncharted territory. We explore unconventional forms of knowledge that create new conceptual frames for images from within the artistic practice. We regard this practice itself as a substantial part of the research because the act of making sets forth a way of thinking in and through images and spaces. This thinking needs a language that is ‘in tune’ with the praxis, but does not coincide with it. 

Images should be understood here in the broadest sense of the word. We do not only attentively create and interpret images that can literally be ‘framed’, like paintings, drawings and pictures, but also sculptures, installations, interiors, buildings, landscapes, literary texts, and even metaphors and philosophical concepts..

FRAME is an interdisciplinary research group consisting of researchers from both the arts (MAD-PXL Research) and (interior) architecture (UHasselt – ArcK). Architecture and the arts generate a new form of knowledge that requires an adequate language – verbal, visual and spatial. This entails a certain rigor, it means slowing down and taking time to contemplate, to perceive carefully and attentively. We develop through writing, sketching, building, drawing, painting a discourse that allows us to express  those experiences of inner and outer reality that could not be expressed by any other means.

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Coördination: Sofie Gielis, Sofie.Gielis@PXL.BE