The postgraduate eArts — New Media Art in Virtual Spaces is a multidisciplinary program in which you will acquire the knowledge and skills to create digital, artistic experiences through the latest technological capabilities Combining technology and art, the postgraduate is an incubator for innovative ideas and groundbreaking projects.
We consider technology not just as a creative tool but as a very specific medium with its own aesthetics and creative ground rules. The postgraduate eArts is a contemporary follow-up track where your competencies, skills, artistic vision and technical abilities are demonstrated, and where artists/designers, creative and technical profiles work together in co-creation to work on the art experience of tomorrow.

The goal here is to address a new audience - the digital natives - and explore a new, hybird field for artists and technical profiles as a team: digital and virtual art, creative XR applications (VR, AR, MR, immersive technologies, mocap, projection mapping,...), NFT, online and hybrid events and web3 applications. But also hybrid formats, where spaces act as an immersive portal will be explored.

As this new field within the digital arts is still in full development, this postgraduate within PXL-MAD will take on a pioneering role and has the potential to give a defining direction for artistic web3 developments.


Module 1: Technical-Artistic Skills
In this module, participants get an overview of the most common and artistically applicable software through several crash courses. The aim of this module is to give both creative and technical profiles the same basis, so that they afterwards can further explore the provided tools as a team. Prior knowledge in coding languages is not required, as this module focuses on low coding, node coding and creative applications.
Workshops: Game landscapes; Creative Coding; 3D modeling and scanning, Creative AI

Module 2: Soft skills
Students form a personal and critical vision about their digital concepts, starting from techno-ethical considerations, social and/or cultural reflections and innovation-accelerating concepts.
Workshops: Artistic storytelling in VR; UX and UI within digital art and performance; Digital art history / best practices; Techno-ethics

Module 3: Final Project
In this module, participants will work on their own project in multidisciplinary teams. The output will have a showcase in the future digital Corda Arena. In anticipation of the physical building, the final projects will already have a virtual premiere in the arena's digital twin and in the VR lab of Hogeschool PXL.

This module will be judged by a jury consisting of international digital artists and the teachers of the postgraduate program.


Sam Agten, Annelise Cechedean, Dr. Frederik De Bleser, Martina Menegon, Lieven Menschaert, Frank Theys, Kristof Timmerman, Dr. Nele Van de Mosselaer en Dr. Ine Vanoeveren.

More info see online folder on this page.

Contact: ine.vanoeveren@pxl.be