Application Procedure Masters

Regardless of the following terms and conditions of admission, no one can be admitted to the bridging and preparatory programmes of the Regular Master in Visual Arts without having passed an artistic entrance test specific to these courses. This test takes place at fixed intervals, communicated via the website ( This test is specific per specialisation. Switching to another specialisation during your studies requires you to pass the test for that specific specialisation again.

Dutch language requirements for the Regular Master Programme

Step 1.  Language conditions
You do not have to take a Dutch language test if:
•  You successfully completed at least one year of studies at a secondary school, taught in the Dutch language, or
•  You successfully completed studies for at least 60 ECTS credits at an institute for higher education, taught in the Dutch language, or
•  You have a certificate proving your competence in the Dutch language at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) obtained at a university language center, or
•  You have a certificate of the Dutch Language Union: “Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal” (CnaVT) of the type PTHO (“profiel taalvaardigheid hoger onderwijs”) or PAT (“profiel academische taalvaardigheid”), or
•  You have a certificate proving your knowledge of the Dutch language at an equivalent level, provided by one of the partners of our University Association AUHL (Associatie Universiteit-Hogescholen Limburg).

If you do not fulfil any of these conditions, you have to apply for a language test. These language tests are organised in the period between May and September.  Please note that you can only participate once in the same period between June and September.
Participating in the test costs 75,00 €. You have to bpay (bank transfer) when registrating (see below).

Registration link for the language test:


In exceptional cases you don’t have to fulfill the Dutch language requirements for the regular Master programme. However, you are required to pass an admission evaluation which consists of an interview (eventually through Skype or Face Time) and a screening of your portfolio. This portfolio consist of a selection of 20 pictures of your best creations. It can be forwarded by email.

For further information, please contact  the head of PXL-MAD, School of Arts:


Application requirements for the Regular Master Programme

Step 2.  Application Documents
If you succeeded for your language test, or you fulfil one of the conditions stated under STEP 1, you can start  the application procedure. You have to provide the following documents to prove previous education:
•  A legalised* copy or certificate of secondary education
•  A certified translation of your diplomas of secondary education in Dutch, German, French or English
•  A statement of the Belgian embassy in the country of origin or embassy of the country of origin in Belgium, a university or other authority from the country where you obtained your diploma, stating that the submitted certificate grants access to university studies at home.
• A certificate or certified copy of the Dutch language course (Vantage B2 / level 4 / module 3.2) or Dutch  language test certificate from AUHL
• For Chinese students: an APS-certificate in addition to the diploma of secondary education
• A copy of passport or identity card.
• A valid residence permit**

* The legalisation is done by the Belgian embassy in the country where the degree was awarded. There are  some exceptions, these are listed in this document.
** Valid residence permit: If the student is not in possession of a student visa, they may submit an application  for a declaration of intent. With this declaration of intent, the student can enrol for a year of intensive Dutch  study. After that year, and if they fulfil the admission requirements, they can enrol at PXL University College.
For your application, complete this document.

For further information, please make an appointment with the ‘dienst studievoortgang’ at the following  address (select “dienst studievoortgang”).


Diploma Requirements for the Regular Master Programme

• Graduates of Academic Bachelor programmes in the Visual Arts get direct access to the Regular Master programme.
• For graduates from other academic programmes, a preparatory programme can be organized. To find out which Bachelor's programmes allow access to a preparatory programme: see the flow charts below.
• If you possess a Bachelor degree, but not an 'Academic' Bachelor degree, specific intake flows and/or bridging programmes are required, depending on your previous educational career. See flow charts below for more information. In that case please send your educational CV and proof of it (copies of the certificates, officially translated into English) to the Educational Board for further evaluation.

A student can simultaneously enrol in a preparatory or bridging programme and in the corresponding Master programme (under the conditions determined by the Educational Coordinator). However, the degree of Master in the Visual Arts can only be obtained if the preparatory or bridging programme is also successfully completed. The expert examination commission may for this reason deliberate sequentially.

Admission to individual courses

Students that do not meet the admission requirements may register for individual courses under a credit  contract or an exam contract (with a view to obtaining a credit certificate for one or more courses) provided  that the person has the ability to follow the course or courses. This will be investigated by the Educational Coordinator.